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The Refill Connection Wilsons Leather Loose-leaf Order Form

This page has been designed to be filled out, printed and then faxed to us toll-free with your complete order information. Follow the simple instructions below to order your replacement time management system today.

Please follow these instructions.
  1. Fill out all ordering information.
  2. Select your refill products.
  3. Print out the completed form.
  4. Fax the form toll-free to our Boston location for immediate service.
  5. Fax toll-free to: 877 733-4551
  6. For more information phone toll-free 866 733-4559
  7. How to find the right size insert

The following items are all required to complete your order.
Name: please enter your name as it appears on your credit card
Email Address: please enter your email address
Phone Number: please enter your phone number with area code
Billing Address: please enter your Billing Address
Ship-to Address: please enter your ship-to address if different from Billing Address.
Credit Card Number please enter your card number
Expiration Date: please enter your credit card's expiration date- MM/YY
Credit Card Type: Please select card type MC Visa Amex

Item Number Item Description Price Quantity Subtotal
Loose-leaf 5 3/8" x 8 1/2"
WPDR82-18 Wilsons Planning Diary Pages 2018 $13.95
WPDR82-17 Wilsons Planning Diary Pages 2017 $13.95
WAD82 Address Pages. $6.00
WPAD82 Memo Pads (5). $7.50
WTD82 To Do Pages. $6.00
WFR82 Faint Ruled Pages. $6.00
WDA82 Daily Appointment (undated). $6.00
WEX82 Daily Expenses. $6.00
WGP82 Graph Paper. $6.00
WPM82 Page Marker. $3.00
WPDE82 Press Down Envelope. $4.00
W5D82 5 Division Side Tabs. $2.00
W13D82 13 Division A-Z Index. $6.00
WMIT82 Monthly Index Tabs. $5.00
Loose-leaf 3 5/8" x 6 3/4"
WPDR646-18 Wilsons Planning Diary Pages 2018 $12.50
WPDR646-17 Wilsons Planning Diary Pages 2017 $12.50
WADR646 Address Pages. $5.00
WPAD646 Memo Pads (3). $2.75
WMIT646 Monthly Index Tabs. $5.00
WFR646 Faint Ruled Pages. $5.00
WTD646 To Do Pages. $5.00
WGP646 Graph Paper. $5.00
WEX646 Daily Expense. $5.00
WPM646 Page Marker. $2.50
WBCCH646 Business Card Holder. $1.50
W5D646 5 Division Side Tabs. $2.75
W13D646 13 Division A-Z Index. $5.00
Loose-leaf 3 1/8" x 5"
WPDR536-18 Wilsons Planning Diary Pages 2018 $13.00
WPDR536-17 Wilsons Planning Diary Pages 2017 $13.00

Shipping Charges
For Domestic Standard Shipping Add $5.00 to order
For Domestic UPS Blue Label Shipping Add $12.00 to order
All Foreign Orders Add $15.00 to order
Subtotal with Shipping

Massachusetts Sales Tax
Massachusetts residents please add 5% sales tax
Total Order

Please make sure that:
  • You have filled in the account information at the top of this form.
  • You have checked your order quantities,styles and have ordered the correct sizes.